What does THERA do? (handbook)

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As stated previously, the THERA device works with the energy field of the body (a.k.a., its biofield). This includes the intercellular communication signals already discussed which help make up the various regulatory systems of the body. Just as important and prominent however are the energy fields of the various physical tissues and organs as well as all the inanimate substances such as health supporting nutrients but also those of any toxins. THERA picks up all of these waveforms or “signatures” which are then treated as “signals” by the THERA device. Once these signals enter the THERA device, they can be separated into two streams. One of healthy (harmonious) signals and another of disruptive (dis-harmonious) ones. Once separated into these two streams, the THERA device can further work with either or both.

For the disruptive signals, the device can “shift” them, so they become, in engineering talk, 180 degrees “out of phase” with their source signals (i.e., create a mirror image of them). When these “inverted” signals are sent back to the body, they can cancel out the energy field of the substances that originally emitted them. This then removes their blocking effect on the body’s regulatory system and can, if the body is ready, also stimulate the body to remove them once and for all.

Blocks to the vital “chi” energy of Chinese medicine, which, as we have already discussed, is the lifeblood of every tissue and organ in the body can be removed in a similar fashion. The same applies to the energetic centers or chakras, which can be restored to balance. 

The way that THERA uses the healthy, harmonious signals is twofold. Firstly, they can be amplified inside the device and sent back into the body to add to the original energy fields of the physical tissues and organs. This has the effect of bolstering their vitality or reinvigorating those tissues and organs which may have become lethargic-like due to a lack of their share of the energy for an extended amount of time. 

Secondly, THERA can work with the communication signals of the regulatory systems themselves (as well as physiological processes). These signals can also be amplified and “broadcast” throughout the body to ensure they have their intended effect regardless of any blocks to them that may still exist.

Regarding the accumulation of various toxins, THERA can also work in much more of a targeted way so as to concentrate the therapy on just the toxins alone. This is typically done using pre-manufactured vials, which are energetically imprinted with frequency patterns of the toxins versus using real toxin samples. In these cases, the input “information” is taken from the vials instead of from the energy field of the person’s body. For this, THERA is set to invert their energy patterns so the therapy signals created by the device can cancel out the energy fields of the toxins inside the body.

By the way, this can be also done with substances such as foods that trigger allergic type/ intolerant reactions as well as with pollen, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, heavy metals, insecticides, pesticides, environmental pollutants and even dental materials. In the case that the body is stressed by any of these substances, sending to the body their inverted “oscillations”, leads to the reduction or ideally, the complete neutralization of their negative effect. If you have ever tried on a pair of Sharper Image noise cancelling headphones, you have already witnessed the amazing phenomena of “wave interference” which is at play, only here, the waves are subtle electro-magnetic frequency patterns either being emitted by the body or inanimate substances versus the sound waves of the ambient noise of your surroundings.

By applying biofield therapy as described above, a THERA wellness practitioner can work their way through the various layers of issues that make up a chronic case to the benefit of their clients.