What clients need to do

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It’s important to coach and/or encourage your clients to adopt the following healthy lifestyle habits:

  • Make sure they are resolved to be responsible for their own health (i.e., are willing to make positive, health promoting changes).
  • Explain healthy eating habits (minimize processed foods, sugar and white flour as well as avoiding red meat and any foods that they are intolerant to – eat instead mainly vegetables and some fruits, whole-grain cereals and as much as possible, home cooked meals).
  • Advise them to drink at least 2 liters of good quality filtered water.
  • Emphasize on the importance of good quality and sufficient sleep (in a space free of EMF disturbances).
  • Suggest they do adequate amount of physical exercising, stretching, walking.
  • Discuss relaxation techniques which may help some anxiety prone individuals – such as meditation and yoga.
  • Ask them to become more aware of how one’s outlook on life and the nature of their interactions with others can be affecting the stress in their life.
  • Ask them to become more aware of what kind of thoughts they are “feeding” their minds with. Also, what thoughts and feelings they get stuck on?
  • Point out how being more grateful and appreciative of the little things and to call them out in others as they see them.