Therapy intervals

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Since the body takes about 7-10 days to work with and process the administered therapeutic signals from a typical session, it is best to provide the next therapy within that window of 7-10 days. In certain situations of emotional work and/or chronic stress factors, it can however more appropriate to allow 2-3 weeks between sessions. 

How many therapy sessions will be needed?

Each therapy session represents an incremental step in the improvement of a person’s health. How long and/ or how many therapy sessions it will take before each of your clients reach their individual “level of health” goals is hard to tell because it depends on so many factors. The most prominent of these factors are as follows:

  • Their current state of health and how long have they been that way as well as how prone they are at expressing their specific imbalance(s);
  • The responsiveness and “response capacity” of their body to the stimulus of the administered impulses;
  • The number of stress / contributing factors involved;
  • The client’s emotional and mental state and how willing they are to make the necessary life-style changes;
  • The experience of you the therapist to choose and determine the most effective overall application plan as well as the best application programs for each therapy step.

It still typically happens that clients are able to give some kind of positive feedback after the second or third session (e.g., better sleep, higher energy levels, reduced stress, feeling more chilled-out).

Clients should take advantage of additional therapy sessions as their level of health and wellbeing continues to improve. Sessions for most clients, should be conducted on a weekly basis until their regulatory system is fully engaged and their body is responding well, then drop back to once a month while you can confirm the improvements hold.