Therapy channels (handbook)

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The THERA device administers the following types of therapies:

Therapy type: Provided by: Therapeutic Relevance:
“Closed-loop” biofield therapy: Main channel, channel 1
(via main touchscreen)
Principal therapy
“Open-loop” biofield therapy with external substances: Main channel, channel 1 input cup
(via main touchscreen)
Principal therapy
Channel 2 input cup
(via channel 2 function button after channel 1 has been enabled)
Ancillary to Ch. 1
Frequency patterns of internally stored substance complexes: Channel 2 substance complexes
(via main touchscreen for stand-alone operation)
Ancillary to Ch. 1 and stand-alone
Internally generated dynamic micro-impulses (DMI): DMI function button Ancillary to both Ch. 1 & 2 and stand-alone

The main operating channel, channel 1 is considered the principal application channel of the THERA device as it has been designed to have the most capabilities and be the most versatile.

Channel 1 is the only application channel that can “read” or “pickup” a person’s energy field, filter and other wise change it so that when returned to that same person’s body, it will remove blocks and disruptions in their energetic regulatory system or sometimes just referred to as “energy field” (hence the term, “biofield therapy”).

Besides this, channel 1 is also able, via the channel 1 input cup, to energetically “administer” the frequency patterns of therapist supplied naturopathic substances which may support various tissues, organs or even body processes. This, by the way, can also be done through the use of the channel 2 input cup as a concurrent supplemental therapy to that being administered by channel 1. When this is done individually by channel 1, there are however more options as to how the frequency patterns from these substances are administered.

Channel 1, via this same input cup feature, is perhaps more importantly also able to work with substances which maybe causing stress inside a person’s body which is in turn having an effect on that person’s energy field. I.E., either blocking their vital energy flow or disrupting their regulatory system. For these situations, channel 1 is also able to “invert” the frequency patterns of these harmful substances so as to “neutralize” the effect these substances are creating within the person’s body.

It is also channel 1 which has hundreds of prestored application programs that can be called up by entering any of their unique program numbers or searched for by name using the device’s various touchscreen menus. Each prestored program represents a distinctive combination of program settings (i.e., parameters) that experience has shown to be beneficial for various imbalances or energetic conditions that are suggested by their names. Alternately, however, the user can further “individualize” these programs by changing any of their program settings (Proficient and Premium software versions only). Additionally, there is also an option for the user to build their own programs “from scratch” and then save them with their own unique name and number for future use (Premium software version only).

Besides providing supplemental support from the channel 2 input cup during therapy from channel 1, channel 2 can also be used to administer supportive therapy from digitally stored frequency patterns of naturopathic “substance complexes”. In contrast to the use of the channel 2 input cup, the substance complexes can also be administered separately as a “stand-alone” therapy of its own.

Apart from channels 1 and 2, there is the additional therapy alternative of DMI (Dynamic Multi-Impulse therapy) which can also be administered along with that of the therapies of channel 1 and 2 or as a separate, “stand-alone” therapy of its own. This type of therapy is completely technically generated from within the device and is meant to either boost a person’s overall energy, sedate an over-energy condition, or help remove blockages in the same.