Therapist’s own created program sequences

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Program sequences are grouped individual programs (either factory prestored or those that were created by the therapist) that are “linked together” so that they can be called up and applied as a single unit where the individual programs within the sequence are ran back-to-back. The sequences that are created by the therapist are assigned program numbers in the 40XXX.0 range. See the section C: “Calling up program sequences – Main menu 4” for a description of all the ways that they can be called up.

The process for the therapist to create his or her own program sequence has already been described in the various sub-sections of Section B: “Calling up single/ individual programs” (e.g., Section B.1.b: “Entering multiple programs (creating a program sequence)” or Section B.2.b: “Choosing multiple programs …”). In short, the process is as simple as either keying in multiple individual program numbers by inserting a comma between each or selecting various programs from the lists that are displayed from when selecting either a specific category of programs, an alphabetical list of all programs or the list of the therapist’s own programs. At the point that these (until now temporary) program sequences can be run, they can also be saved as a therapist’s own created program sequence. The therapist can then assign them a number as well as giving them a name or title.