THERA technology and its limitations – add’l info

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What is understood as the body’s “energy field” is really a highly dynamic and responsive conglomeration of synchronized communication signals and information exchanges that make up the body’s energetic regulatory system. This energy field is electromagnetic (i.e., like radio waves), and is therefore beyond perception to most people. The Thera device is just tapping into it, modifying it and sending it back so as to “clean it up” and/or to “nudge” it back into a more balanced position. The body’s energetic regulatory system (or just “regulatory system”) is theorized to be the sum total of all the controlling processes that lie “underneath” all the physical functions that take place inside the body. It is not however the nervous or the hormonal system but instead what is controlling both and it is “driving” these as well as all the other functions that take place in the body. Its one over-arching goal is to maintain balance of the entire energetic field as a whole and thus that of the body’s functions as well. Having the ability to provide a therapeutic influence on the body’s regulatory system means that therapy with the THERA wellness device can be very effective and quick acting, yet painless and non-invasive.

The body’s energy field also includes the chakras as well as the meridian system which are considered part of the body’s regulatory system as well. These are the energy centers and pathways for the chi energy according to traditional eastern medicine teachings. The chi energy is what animates every cell in our bodies. Without it we could not survive, let alone heal. It is the body’s energetic fuel. The chakras and the meridians as well as the chi energy that runs through them, just like the regulatory system, are however all susceptible to being disturbed and even blocked by either internal or external stresses. The THERA wellness device can address disturbances and blockages to the chakras and meridians just like disturbances to the regulatory system as just described previously. In either of these cases however, the THERA device can instead or also use the frequency patterns of either beneficial or detrimental substances (i.e., discrete stressors). When using beneficial substances, they are passed on to the body in an amplified way in order to boost or revitalize the healthy portion of a person’s energy field, either as a whole or that which is associated with particular organ or its function. Detrimental substances are, however again, inverted so as to cancel out the frequency pattern of the specific toxic substance, etc. which has been causing the disturbance in the body’s energy field.

Balancing the body’s energetic field and unblocking the flow of its essential energy empowers the physical body and restores the body’s regulation system which additionally can translate to an improvement in all of its organic systems and functions (e.g., detoxification, immunity, etc.). When this happens, there is a noticeable boost in the feeling of vitality and wellbeing.

Regarding what causes the body’s energy field to become disrupted and its essential energy to become blocked, there are really seemingly innumerable ways this can happen, especially with today’s fast pace, stress ladened but mostly sedentary lifestyles. This as well as our reliance on overly processed carbohydrate-based diets, an ever-increasing toxic environment along with the seemingly ever-present “information overload” on our screened devices can also degrade the integrity of our physical bodies, not to mention having their effects on our minds. When one knows of these causes, he/ she will also understand why the THERA device is no magic bullet. It cannot, for example, make up for nutritional deficiencies. For that and other “self-imposed” stressors, the person, themself, needs to start making better choices as to what they put in and, on their bodies, as well as breaking any unhealthy habits which includes any unhealthy mental attitudes about themselves and those around them. Your part, as a wellness consultant, is to first educate them on all this and if need be, provide any necessary support (with or without the aid of the THERA technology) to help them overcome any mental obstacles for making such needed changes.

As stated earlier, THERA works with the frequency patterns of the regulatory system which is essentially a communications and information sharing network but along with the chi energy, it is able to extend certain energetic processes to drive functions in the physical body. By “energetic processes”, we mean what is behind all the identifiable body functions, at least on a micro and cellular level, to the coordinating communications within and between the various systems of the body as well as everything in between such as cellular communication between the same cells of each organ or tissue. All these functions would be considered “yang” by the Chinese as they involve taking action, even. The source of all the functions of the physical body therefore exists not in the physical body which includes those of the nervous system but in the body’s electromagnetic field or as we typically say the body’s “energy field” or even “information field”.

Besides working with the body’s regulatory system which are involved in driving body functions, THERA can also work with the energetic structures of the meridians, chakras and that of the body itself, but on the energetic level. By “energetic structures” we mean what is “underneath” the material matter which makes up the physical body (note: both the meridians and chakras however only have an energetic structure). This is so because all matter is really made up of energy (a scientific fact). The energy that makes up our material bodies would be considered “yin” by the Chinese because it is used to make structures that are more solid or material in nature compared to those that drive their function which relates more to movement or taking action (“yang”).

In either case, the THERA device can pick up both the yang energy of the body’s regulatory system as well as the yin energy associated with the physical body structures. Before moving on to describing how the THERA device can modify the body’s own energy field and reintroduce it back into the body to create a therapeutic reaction, it is useful to discuss a few other things first. This is about the nature of imbalances that occur in the body’s energetic field which make up both the yin and yang energies that were just described and additionally, which of these types of energies can this technology have the most effect on.

The nature of the body’s energetic field is that it is fluid or changeable, however not all of its energies share this characteristic. The yang energies of the regulatory system are the highly fluid as they have to respond to changes in both the body’s internal and external environments on a moment-by-moment basis. In contrast however, the yin energies that correspond to the physical structures of the body are understandably better described as being much more “fixed” as they are tied to their associated matter by strong molecular and intermolecular bonds that hold matter together. The energetic structures of the meridians and chakras do not have associated physical forms and are therefore much more capable of being influenced by this technology.

There is a progression of imbalance in the body that can (but not always) lead to real “organic” disease which then goes beyond the scope of the wellness therapy that the THERA device was designed to address. The thing to remember however is that all diseases start out as an imbalance on the “energetic level” but energetic imbalances do not always progress to become diseases. (Note: in the latter case, the reason they don’t is what the regulatory system is all about – to keep imbalances from becoming “real” issues in the physical body.) The area of application for the THERA device on the wellness-to-medical continuum, is therefore limited to imbalances in a person’s energetic field prior to them manifesting in the physical body. This is where this technology can have the greatest positive effect and therefore relates better to the more changeable yang energies of the regulatory system versus those of the yin energies associated with the body’s physical structures. Having said that, it is thought by some that (the tissues) of imbalanced organs themselves will tend to emit a different frequency pattern than that of a balanced organ of the same type. Since it is impossible to separate the yang energies from that of the yin in any living tissue, this could be entirely due to the yang energies of the particular organ coming into balance, let alone having its chi “freed up”.

Once a disease can be identified by a medical test or is diagnosed by a medical doctor, these clients need to be seeing a medical doctor. It also follows and should be understood that as wellness therapists or consultants, we should not be relating any of the results of our (fleeting) “energetic testing” in terms of our client’s physical/ organic bodies in any way, let alone being matter-of-fact about it. Since our (energetic) testing is strictly of our client’s energetic field, we truly cannot tell if any imbalance we have detected has already or will ever get manifested in our client’s physical body. In concern for the possibility of the former condition, we as wellness therapists can only suggest (in a caring yet non-alarmist way) that they may want to see their doctor for a checkup. The tone of such a discussion is critical as you do not want to call undue attention. Once however a person has a diagnosis from a medical doctor for a certain disease or medical condition there is no reason that you cannot keep supporting them on the “energetic level”, unless of course, their doctor raises his or her concern or objection. Much can still be done but care should be given not to promise anything. In these cases, in particular, a statement should be recorded and signed by the client that they are continuing to see you for only general energetic balancing and has nothing to do with their medical condition for which they agree to continue to see their medical doctor for. No expectation should be created that you will be helping them with their medical condition.

Now back to what the THERA device does once it picks up the frequency patterns of the person’s energetic field. It was described previously how the body’s essential energy, which is channeled through the meridians, can become blocked. This essential energy or chi is something different than that of the yin and yang energies that make up the person’s energy field as was just described. The chi energy is more like the “juice” or fuel that gives life to and sustains both the yin and yang energies. Obstructions to the chi energy therefore come from issues or imbalances in the yin and yang energies, or we can just say in the body’s “energetic field” in general. Once the frequency patterns of the person’s energetic field are picked up by special input applicator pads, the THERA device has a unique filter which can separate the frequency patterns that represent the disruptions from those that do not. The naturally healthy, intact frequency patterns are called “harmonious” and the ones that have become disrupted are called “dis-harmonious”. Once these two “streams” of frequency patterns have been separated, either one or both can be passed on by the device’s electronics to be modified in different ways depending on the application program chosen. Those programs that are meant to work with the energy field of the body (versus those which are meant to work with external substances), typically use both streams where the dis-harmonious signals are further inverted, which means that they are made to be the original energy pattern’s mirror image. The harmonious signals are not inverted but instead amplified. These two streams are recombined and sent back to the body via the modulation mat that is typically placed along the person’s spine on their back. The result of this type of therapy is that the original disharmonious frequency patterns in the body are, over a series of “feedback” cycles, canceled out by their mirror image “twins” and the harmonious frequency patterns are strengthened by the harmonious signals only having been amplified. Once the disruptions in the person’s energetic field are removed, the essential chi energy can flow again.

Please note that the above discussion could just as well have been a discussion on how the THERA device is used to address disruptions in the body’s regulatory system, as they are represented by the yang energy portion of the body’s energetic field. Similarly, it could also work to address disruptions in the yin energies of the body’s structure, at least to whatever extent they can energetically be “shifted” into a more balanced state.

When the essential energy is blocked not by disruptions of the body’s energetic field but by toxins or other exogenous substances which have been either inhaled, ingested or absorbed by the skin, it is actually the energetic field surrounding each molecule or particle of such a substance that is the issue here. This disruptive field can either block the flow of chi directly or indirectly by disrupting the body’s energy field which in turn can block the flow of chi. Making matters worse, the longer the toxin remains in the body, the more the disruptive frequency patterns of the toxin imprint themselves into the water molecules of the surrounding tissues. Thus, increasing the toxin’s disruptive affect. (Note: the water molecule with its uniquely spaced hydrogen-oxygen bonds is especially capable of storing frequency patterns.) The solution is to use an energetic sample of the same toxin in therapy. In this case, no input is typically taken from the person’s body but instead, the sample of the toxin is placed in the input cup of the THERA device and an application program is chosen which inverts either all the frequency patterns of the toxin or just the disharmonious ones. Either way, the portion of the imprinted frequency patterns that is responsible for blocking the chi is neutralized as well as the frequency pattern of the toxin itself (in the case of the latter, however, just for the duration of the therapy). This type of therapy is called a “targeted neutralization therapy” and besides providing relief from the effects of the toxin, can also, under the right conditions, create the stimulus for the body to detoxify itself from this same substance.

In summary, the THERA device is intended, along with the encouragement of making healthy lifestyle changes, to provide assistance to improve and sustain one’s general state or level of health. It does this by balancing the energy field of the body and restoring the flow of its essential energy.