The THERA Wellness Approach (handbook)

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The THERA Wellness approach is a painless, non-invasive, fast and very effective method of wellness care for a wide variety of common, subclinical health issues. Whether because of today’s fast paced, stress laden but mostly sedentary lifestyles, our overly processed carbohydrate-based diets, our toxic environment or an overload of information, we are where we are, health wise. It is interesting and comforting however to know that there is a technology that is also a product of our modern times, which can help make up for our “deviation” from living in a more natural way. One reason this technology is so effective is that it works in a way that doesn’t burden our bodies with an additional chemical load trying to cover up the symptoms.

It is instead based on the centuries old holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine, combined with today’s technology, to uncover and address the real causes of many illnesses that afflict us today. This “East-meets-West” approach enables contemporary alternative health practitioners to free up and use the healing capabilities of chi, the vital energy of Chinese medicine.

The technology itself has been in use in Europe for almost 40 years now and has gone through numerous enhancements both to increase its capabilities as well as to make it easier to use. The THERA wellness device represents the state of the art for this technology as well as its most user-friendly application. THERA can be applied to all ages, from newborn children to the elderly as well as on our animal companions.

Biofield therapy provided by the THERA device has two objectives.

  • Firstly, to restore the flow of (the vital) energy to the energetic structures of the body’s organs, tissues and systems.
  • Secondly, to regain “regulation” which is the body’s ability to maintain its own health (or balance) in the face of day-to-day, ever fluctuating stresses either from our external environments or those that have developed within our own bodies.

As it turns out, the vital energy that the early traditions of Hinduism first identified as having to do with the system of the chakras (i.e., energy generation centers) and the Chinese as that which is transmitted by the meridian system (pathways to distribute this energy throughout the body), is not only needed for our bodies to heal, but also what gives life or animates every cell in our bodies in the first place.

THERA is used to remove the “blocks” to the flow of this energy in both these systems as well as within the tissues themselves. Once the flow of this energy has been restored, the organs, tissues and the various systems of our bodies are once again able to carry out their tasks.

If necessary, additional therapy can stimulate any of these parts which have fallen into lethargy or unresponsiveness, and when necessary, even boost their vitality. Some of the most important outcomes of this most holistic approach are:

  • improving the body’s ability to detoxify itself
  • reestablishing/ restoring the immune system
  • resetting the nervous system and adrenals to maintain an even keel in the face of stress
  • boosting vitality and a greater sense of well-being
  • restoring the body’s ability to maintain its own health (or balance as we like to say)