Summary for channel 2

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  • Channel 2 works in either of two ways:
    • To provide therapy from therapist provided “external substances” via the yellow-rimmed channel 2 input cup, or
    • To provide therapy from various digitized “substance complexes” that are stored within the device and can be selected from a library of such substances.
  • The channel 2 input cup function cannot be started on its own but must always be used in conjunction with the main channel.
  • The substance complex function can be either started on its own via option 6 of the main menu or in conjunction with the main channel.
  • Either therapy from channel 2 is applied to the modulation mat, the red output socket on the side of the device, the red-rimmed output cup and the memory chip charger.
  • Channel 2 only uses the “A” mode therapy type for external substances that are supportive in nature.
  • The channel 2 function uses a fixed application program in that only the amplification and running time can be altered when using the channel 2 input cup and only the time when running therapies using the substance complexes.
  • When used in conjunction with the main channel, the application runtime for channel 2 is automatically set equivalent to that of the main channel therapy but can additionally be altered.
  • The yellow “Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button” lights up when channel 2 is running.
  • The channel 2 input cup is also active when running therapy using the substance complexes.