Stored programs (channel 1 only)

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There are about 150 pre-stored programs in the THERA device, Essential version which can either be keyed in by their program number (“Program number = 2” option in the Main Menu screen) or looked up by categories or alphabetically (“Program search = 3” option).

All these programs reside within what is called the main channel or channel 1. In comparison to what can be administered by channel 2 and the DMI feature, the main channel is the main and most versatile means in which to deliver what is called biophysical feedback therapy. The therapies delivered by channel 2 and the DMI feature are mostly used in either an ancillary or adjunct association to the therapies provided by the main channel, channel 1.

Within the main channel, there is also a special category for “Base programs” (“Base programs = 1” in the Main Menu screen). These are meant to be used at the beginning of each session in order to prepare the individual for one or more of the more specialized programs to follow in the same therapy session. For the Essential version, this category contains a program for removing sub/unconscious resistance to therapy (program 3500.0, “Release deep blocks”) and a program which is for unblocking “locked” (or stuck) regulatory systems (program 725.0, “Reaction block/ stress reduction 1”).

Additionally, each stored program for the main channel has both a unique name and number. As an example, the following screenshot shows the various program names and their associated numbers that appear on the touchscreen when you select the “ELIMINATION SUPPORT” category from the “Program search = 3” option of the main menu:

Program numbers in the main channel of the Essential version appear in the following formats:

  • XXX.Y: single programs in the normal frequency range
  • 3XXX.Y: single programs in the low frequency range
  • XXX.1, XXX.2, etc. decimal numbers added indicate different recommended applicator locations for a program that is otherwise the same but for different usage
  • Meridian programs are indicated by the decimal number 7 (“Y”)
  • Chakra programs are indicated by the decimal number 8 (“Y”)

Programs can be entered and subsequently run without the decimal point (i.e., 725 instead of 725.0) but you will not see related information about the program like the recommended applicator placements, etc.)