Standalone therapy – Main menu 6

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From the main menu, select “Substance complexes = 6”.

Once this option is selected, the same substance complex selection menu will appear which has already been described in the section immediately previous to this one:

Please proceed as described in the previous section: “Concurrent therapy with the main channel” up until you get to the following START window of your selected substance:

Here the application runtime is not linked to channel 1 and can be set up to 99 minutes by using the virtual “+” or “-“ key on the touchscreen directly or by using the up and down arrow keys.

This window is similar to the first of four informational program windows associated with the main channel individual programs.

As with the main channel individual programs, there are three more informational windows which can be accessed by pressing “ENTER” to call up the next window. The information regarding the applicators on these screens is always the same:

  • there should be no input applicator used and
  • either the large modulation should be placed on the back or an appropriate flexible applicator can be placed on the organ area

Also, unlike when using the channel 2 input cup, the amplification is fixed at 8-fold.

The selected substance complex therapy can be started by pressing either the yellow “Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button” while the screen is displaying the first of these four informational windows or while the screen is displaying any of the four informational windows by pressing the white “Channel 1 START button”. Once started, the touchscreen now displays the following therapy window:

The substance complex therapy can then be stopped prematurely by pressing once again the yellow “Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button” and restarted by pressing the same button once again.

Once stopped, you can use the backspace (“:”) key to return to the previous window showing one of the four informational windows and then back to the list of substance complexes within your chosen category if you keep using the backspace (“:”) key.

Selecting via alphabetical list

Choose “Alphabetical = 2” from the additional selection menu that appears after selecting option 6 from the main menu:

A screen appears with a search window in the upper left corner:

Type in a portion of any word in the substance complex title you are looking for with the alphanumeric keypad (see Appendix B for instructions on how to use the SMS keypad to create text).

Alternately, the entire list of substance complexes can be called up which is displayed in alphabetical order by pressing the dot “•” key, however, this option is not very useful as it is cumbersome to manually search through due to the sheer quantity of entries.

Once a list of substance complexes is displayed which contains the same consecutive letters in your search, one can make a selection directly or by energetically testing out any number of likely entrees in the same fashion as described in the previous section. In short, to test any selected substance, press the yellow “Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button” beneath the touchscreen. The device is then in testing mode and the therapy signal from the substance that is currently highlighted is delivered to client, typically via the modulation mat.

Press “ENTER” when a suitable substance is highlighted and the following substance START window appears:

From this screen, the application runtime can be adjusted and then the therapy with selected substance complex can be started by pressing the yellow “Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button” (as described in the previous topics). If you want to first see information on the placement of the applicators, press “ENTER” to view the additional informational windows (see previous topics).