Selecting program sequences from categories

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Program sequence submenu (select option “Program sequences = 4″ from Main menu”)

Options 1 through 6 in the above shown submenu cover various categories of program sequences that have been preset from the factory. Option 7 includes the therapist’s “own” created program sequences. Selecting any of these categories leads you to a window with a list of program sequences for that category (e.g., category, “Balance = 3”):

Use the scroll bar on the right side to view the entire list, then use either the touchscreen function directly to make a selection or the up and down arrows to scroll through the list and select (highlight) the program sequence you want, e.g., PS 23012, “Geopathy/ e-smog stress”:

Press “ENTER” when your preferred selection is highlighted. The next screen that is displayed is the “program sequence content window”: