Program parameters (handbook)

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Each of THERA’s pre-stored application programs contain a unique combination of the following parameters. These are preselected for each program but it is good to know what makes one program different from the rest (please see the following sections for an expanded explanation of each):

  • Therapy mode (H, Di, H + Di, A, Ai, Ai + A, A + Ai)
  • Frequency:
    • low deep frequency range or standard frequency range:
    • all frequencies” at one time (“without bandpass” – no bandpass filter);
    • “single frequency” (selected bandpass – fixed narrow bandpass, with or without a localized sweep/wobble);
    • a one frequency at a time, (“bandpass sweep” – narrow bandpass sweep of entire frequency range)
  • Amplification/attenuation:
    • fixed/constant amplification (“constant”);
    • increasing amplification sweep (“sweep increase”);
    • decreasing amplification sweep (“sweep decrease”);
    • incrementally increasing by steps (“incr. steps”);
    • incrementally decreasing by steps (“decr. steps”);
    • symmetrical amplification sweep: increasing amplification sweep immediately followed by a decreasing amplification sweep (“symmetrical sweep”)
  • Administration of the signal/ Application mode and total runtime:
    • Application mode: Continuous or in interval mode (1 sec. off after 3 sec. on)
    • Total application runtime: From 1 to 99 minutes (warning message appears automatically when set above 60 minutes)

The screenshot of the device’s touchscreen below shows a summary of all the parameters that makes up program 3500.0, “Release deep blockages”:

Typical fourth program informational window lists all the program parameters