Possible results

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Clients will come for a THERA application session expecting to feel better. We need to explain to them that it depends on both their general condition and how long they have been experiencing issues of discomfort. The weaker their state of health and the longer they have had noticeable signs, the more sessions may be needed for them to notice an improvement.

In general, a person’s state of health can be undermined by a variety of underlying issues such as a poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, extensive periods of stress and/ or other negative emotions and many more. Most often, there are multiple contributing factors.

Usually by improving their body’s self-regulation and providing a boost in their energy flow, they will feel better fairly quickly. Clients however will need to begin to take responsibility for their own health in order to help hold on to and allow for additional improvements. They therefore need to be able to follow through with all your recommended lifestyle changes as well as keep their future appointments. This is a time for them to be open to new, more healthy ways of living, including and if need be, a new outlook on life.

There are a number of different scenarios as to how this therapy will affect a person over a series of multiple sessions.

The person may feel better either during or just after their first session, which may last for 1 to 2 days. This means that additional therapies of the same or similar therapy steps are needed in order to achieve a more complete and stable long-term positive effect. I.E., this is a good sign, they just need more of the same to make the improvement longer-lasting.

Other times, there is no improvement after the 1st session, as more applications are needed to just provide a noticeable effect.

It’s also possible for the client to feel worse after a session. This may last for a few hours, up to no more than 1 day on average, if they do have a deterioration of their condition. This happens due to deep blocks in the flow of energy, which once triggered, lead to a reaction and may create an exacerbation like an energy burst. This outcome is actually the best evidence that the application is working!

Please prepare your clients for all three different types of response to the THERA application so they know what to expect.

Please also explain to your clients that the body will continue processing the “information” from the therapy for the next 7 to 10 days. They could therefore be noticing changes throughout this time.  Yet, as everyone is different, so there is no set rule to the way they will respond. Each person’s body will take their own time to take care of the imbalances in their energy field. You have only stimulated it to do so.