Pollen sensitivity

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Information: Allergic reactions to pollen include rhinitis, sneezing, conjunctivitis, cough, bronchitis, skin rash, itching.

Common causal factors: Trees, shrubs, grasses, cereals, weeds


Program Sequences:        20020 and 20021

Additional programs:       406.0, 402.0, 403.0 and 408.0, 409.0, 754.0, 755.0

Input cup:    Pollen and pollen related vials (pollen, pollen + radioactivity, pollen + mold).

No input applicator is needed.

Output:         mat on the back. In case of severe allergy, add to the output (red cables) the ball applicators (hands) and/or the eye mask (in case of allergic conjunctivitis).


Therapy sessions: 

1st session:   Run program sequence 20020

2nd session: ” In case of acute symptoms, run a session 2-3 days after the first one. If there has been already an improvement run 20020 again. If there was not much of an improvement run program sequence 20021.

In case you are treating someone for pollen allergy not in the pollen season then you can run the 2nd session after one week.”

3rd session: There should already be a noticeable improvement. Run sequence 20020. If the person has not improved, then collect more samples to include in the input cup and add to the treatment program 406.0.

4th session: Run program sequence 20021


Note:  You can combine programs from the list of “Additional programs” as well.

Please save the pollen samples people bring to you. You can label them with the month and the place they have been collected in.

Collect pollen from the area the allergic person is living by either leaving a bowl with water outside for a few days or a piece of scotch tape. You can also collect flowers, which have pollen on them. You can also ask the person to collect dust (which will include pollen) from outside with a handkerchief or a paper towel.