Main channel, channel 1

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As stated in the previous section, the main channel, channel 1 is the main and most versatile part or feature of the Thera wellness device. It contains all the prestored programs also mentioned in previous sections. Most of these programs are intended to be used in a “closed-loop” biofield therapy configuration with regards to how the client is connected to the device. That is, with the input information which the device needs, is taken from the person themselves. This is typically done by using a flexible (input) applicator connected with a black cable to the black input connection socket on the side panel of the device (diagram below however shows brass hand plate).

There are however some programs that are intended to use only “external substances”. (Please see this specific category within the device for such programs.) Instead of taking input information from the client via a flexible or any other type of applicator for that matter, it is taken from a substance or substances that are placed in the channel’s input cup (main channel, channel 1 input cup). This configuration is therefore known as “open-loop” biofield therapy as it doesn’t feed back on itself. There are two types of substances that can be used in the main channel input cup – supportive/ beneficial or detrimental. Types of beneficial substances include homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins, minerals, flower essences and gemstones to name a few. Types of non-compatible, detrimental substances include substances such as foods which the person is intolerant to, pollen, cigarette buds and alcohol. When it comes to the various toxins and pathogens however, these are typically substituted by pre-manufactured energetically imprinted vials which can also include the frequency patterns of various allergens. These typically come together in test kits of such “stressors”, each of which often contain a variety of vials with a single theme. Note, there are also kits which contain vials of beneficial/ supportive information which besides being able to be used in the channel 1 input cup, can also be used in the channel 2 input cup.

Additionally, however, it is possible to use the main channel’s input cup while using /running a closed-loop biofield therapy type program. The caveat however is that the substances used would, for the most part, be a substance that has been obtained from the client’s person. These “bodily substances” are only meant to “sharpen the focus” or enhance the therapy of the closed-loop biofield therapy being currently administered. Options for these substances include saliva, nasal secretions, hair, toe or fingernail slivers, skin flakes, ear wax and even belly button lint. Still using such substances may require special bio-hazard materials handling as required by either your local or state authorities having jurisdiction. Again, it is typically not necessary to include such additional materials.