Limitations of a wellness practice

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THERA is not a medical device. It does not work on the physical body but instead works with its energy. We as THERA wellness therapists/consultants cannot legally claim or even infer to be able to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or medical condition. When clients, or interested parties, ask if we can help them with a specific disease or medical condition, which has been diagnosed by a medical doctor, we have to clearly state: “no, we cannot”. Instead, we can only say that we can assist their body to regain its natural abilities to achieve and maintain its own health and we do this by balancing their body´s energy field and restoring the flow of its essential/ vital energy. We cannot say that our therapy will have any effect on their condition, even indirectly. If, however, their condition is at least part of the reason their energy field is out of balance, then we can help to restore that balance. This then could possibly help boost their vitality and wellbeing despite their condition. It is sincerely hoped that the reader can understand the distinction here. The THERA device is ONLY dealing with energy here. Therapists have no control whatsoever whether the changes to a person’s energy field induced by the therapy will ever translate to any changes in the person’s physical body and therefore should not even hint at such an outcome. To do so is make a medical claim and would therefore exceed the limits of a wellness device as described in the guidelines for general wellness devices.

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