Immune Support

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Information: The immune system has a vital role: It protects your body from harmful substances, germs and cell changes that could make you ill. It is made up of various organs, cells and proteins. Without an immune system, we would have no way to fight harmful things that enter our body from the outside or harmful changes that occur inside our body.

Program sequence: 23015 Immune system, fortify; 23016 Immune system, regulation

The immune system can be supported using the programs that have been created to do that. Yet, it’s often necessary to add to the treatment a more targeted approach, especially when there are certain symptoms present (e.g., acute, recurrent or chronic infections). The most frequently used programs are the ones that help neutralize the stress of pathogens, allergens and toxins.


Programs that support the immunity

306.0 570.1 Immune system, fortify 1
3633.0 3424.0 Immune system, fortify 2
3631.0 3003.0 Immune system, fortify 3

Input: narrow flexible applicator on the back of the neck for pr. 306.0 (570.1) and the square flexible applicator for programs 3633.0 and 3631.0 (3424.0, 3003.0).

Output: modulation mat on the back.


Programs that neutralize stressors (e.g., pathogens, allergens, chemicals)

716.0 157.0 Neutralization, non-selective 1 (BP)
717.0 691.0 Neutralization, non-selective 2 (AF)
3501.0 3151.0 Neutralization, non-selective 3 (BP)
718.0 158.0 Neutralization, selective 1 (BP)
719.0 692.0 Neutralization, selective 2 (AF)
3502.0 3152.0 Neutralization, selective 3 (BP)

Input: no input required

Input cup: vials with the stressors that need to be neutralized

Output: modulation mat on the back


With most allergens and pathogens, a series of 3-5 sessions is required to neutralize their effect and alleviate the symptoms they are causing. In the case of food allergens, it’s mandatory to have these foods excluded from the person’s diet until the reaction to it has been cleared away.


Specific infections (e.g., sinusitis, cystitis) can be further supported with additional programs. These programs are discussed in another protocols.