How does the THERA device work? (handbook)

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The THERA device works solely on the energetic level, i.e., with the subtle electromagnetic fields of both the animated and the inanimate that are beyond perception of most. Although this sounds far-fetched or even absurd, its effectiveness speaks for itself.

Following the principal of holism, the THERA device creates its therapies from the body’s own self-healing/ self-balancing signals, the source of which are not found in the neurohormonal system but within the energy field of the body, which, by the way, can be filtered and enhanced similarly to how radio waves become music in a stereo system. When disruptive “noise” is removed (canceled out), the body can now hear more clearly and respond to its own restorative signals. Blocks to the body’s vital chi energy are removed in similar ways. The chi energy reinvigorates the body, while the signals from what is called the overarching regulatory system directs the resources to maintain/ regain overall balance of the organism. 

The following three subsections within this lesson will expand on and go further into detail on how the THERA device works with the energy field of the body and why that is helpful for improving the well-being of yourself and your clients.

The aim of this section is to give you a basic understanding of the various ways the communication/ information signals of a person’s body can be filtered and/or modified. Since the device already contains hundreds of preset, ready to use programs to address a multitude of specific imbalances, more technical details of each program setting have been saved for later in the course.