How does it work? (handbook)

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The THERA device picks up energy patterns and signals of the person’s energy field via specially designed input applicators. The THERA device can then separate the healthy (harmonious) energy patterns from the disruptive (dis-harmonious) ones. By further use of its electronics, it can also strengthen the healthy signals and “invert” the disruptive ones.

The “processed” information is then returned to the client’s body via the modulation mat in the form of a gentle magnetic field. The body responds positively to the modified (output) signal because it is therapeutically relevant to the body’s needs. The aim is to remove any impediments to the flow of energy (blocks) and stimulate the body’s own self-healing capabilities, thus triggering a revitalization process.

Additionally, by sending inverted signals of the original disruptive energy patterns back to the body, the original disruptive energy patterns, which have been acting as interference fields within the body, are lessened or even cancelled out (the so-called “reflection phenomenon”). This is the mechanism behind how the blocks to the body’s regulatory system as well as to the flow of vital energies are removed.

Once the vital energies are freed up, some tissues or organs may still however need to be re-awakened or even stimulated to function beyond their ordinary levels. This, in part is achieved by sending back amplified versions of the original healthy energy patterns which can be done at the same time (“H+Di” therapy mode) as the inverted energy patterns of the disruptive signals are sent back.

The result is that the functions of the body are now able to carry out their functions at a much higher level and sequenced with one another such that the entire body, as a whole comes into balance.

When the body’s regulatory system is working again, the body naturally directs more of its vital energy to any stressed systems or organs to meet the additional demands at hand. This is typically where the THERA Wellness practitioner also provides support, i.e., again staying true to a holistic approach, we are supporting the body where the body already wants to direct its reserve energies to.

Examples of the areas that are typically benefited by such an approach include, but are not limited to, the digestion, absorption and assimilation of food, waste elimination/ detoxification, carrying on the continual need to replace worn out cells, wound healing, defending itself against disruptive microorganisms as well as supporting improved cognitive abilities needed to maintain compatible family and social relationships and to more easily adapt to changing circumstances of one’s environment.

Technical overview

THERA is intended to be used as a wellness device for humans as well as for animals. It has been designed to help to increase, improve and enhance the body’s own energy and assists people and animals in remaining active and healthy. THERA is very easy to operate given its capabilities. Its therapy “input” and “output” applicator pads and mats, etc. are solely intended for external application.

Again, being a wellness device, THERA is intended to be used to maintain and encourage a general state of health for anyone who is not yet displaying any significant symptoms of a disease or medical condition. If you or your clientele are displaying any significant symptoms of a disease or medical condition, please refer yourself or them to a medical practitioner.

THERA’s power is supplied from an internal battery that can be connected to typical 120-volt electrical power receptacles for recharging. Although there are both “input” and “output” applicators, NO ELECTRIC CURRENT is transmitted by these which passes through the body. The energy patterns picked up from the person’s energy field by the applicator pads are instead both endogenous and exogenous electromagnetic oscillations/ energy. The electromagnetic oscillations are modified within the device and then applied to the person in therapy, as again, a gentle magnetic field via a flat coil, i.e., the modulation mat.  

Other therapy modes provide technically generated frequency patterns/ energy. The magnetic field strength for second channel’s substance complexes is in the range of 1μT (one micro tesla).  Those provided by the DMI feature are up to 6µT which is still weaker than those of the Earth’s magnetic field. The frequency range covered is 10 Hz to 250 kHz in bandpass mode and from 1 Hz to approximately 350 kHz when the unit’s bandpass filter is inactivated (“all frequencies”).

The THERA device administers the following types of therapies:

Therapy type: Provided by: Therapeutic Relevance:
“Closed-loop” biofield therapy (via hundreds of prestored programs): Main channel, channel 1
(via main touchscreen)
Principal therapy
“Open-loop” biofield therapy with external substances (via several prestored programs when applied by the main channel): Main channel, channel 1 input cup
(via main touchscreen)
Principal therapy
Channel 2 input cup
(via channel 2 function button after channel 1 has been enabled)
Ancillary to Ch. 1
Frequency patterns of internally stored substance complexes: Channel 2 substance complexes
(via main touchscreen for stand-alone operation)
Ancillary to Ch. 1 and stand-alone
Internally generated dynamic micro-impulses (DMI): DMI function button Ancillary to both Ch. 1 & 2 and stand-alone

The following diagram shows the typical “closed-loop” biofield therapy configuration used by the main channel, channel 1 where the input information is taken from the body via one of the many different input applicators and sent back to the modulation mat, typically placed along the spine of the person’s back. This creates a type of dynamic feedback loop where the body’s reaction to the initial therapeutic output signals become the basis of the next series of signals and so on.

The following additional subsections are meant to provide a greater, in depth understanding of how the main channel of the THERA device works in the above-described therapy configuration, as well as, in the “open-loop” biofield therapy configuration as shown in the following diagram in which the input information (being fed into the device) is instead taken from external substances (or pre-manufactured imprinted vials) that are placed in the unit’s input cup.