General detox

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Run the following general detox support programs.

1st step

Whole body: program 764.0; total time: 6 min.

Input:              square flexible applicator on the breastbone/thymus area.

Output:         modulation mat along the spine of the back.

2nd step

Liver detox support: programs 110.0, 111.0, 571.7 (GB mer, yang); total time: 13 min

Input:square or large flexible applicator (depending on individual’s size) on the liver area, upper right abdomen.
Output:modulation mat along the spine of the back.

3rd step

Kidney detox support: 101.0, 102.0, 580.7 (Ki mer, yin); total time: 11min

Input:large flexible applicator horizontally across the kidney area (on the waistline, in the back).
Output:Modulation mat medial (vertically) on the front of the body

TOTAL TIME: 30 min

RECOMMENDATION: add the 7th chakra programs:

7th chakra

Programs 247.8,147.8; total time: 7 min.

Input:             square flexible applicator on the top of the head.

Output:         modulation mat along the spine of the back.