Explaining the technology

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The simplest explanation of what the THERA wellness device does is that it creates a therapy out of the body’s own energy field which is responsible for regulating all the body processes. The THERA device separates this energy field into two streams. One for the “disrupted” frequency patterns which are interfering with the body’s ability to stay healthy and another for the “healthy” patterns that are still working. The disrupted patterns are “inverted” so when they are reintroduced into the body, they will weaken or even cancel out the original disruptive patterns. Additionally, the healthy patterns are amplified so they strengthen the original healthy ones. The result is that the capacity of the body to heal itself is restored and the body’s vital energy begins to flow again.

Additionally, there is another important therapy configuration. Instead of taking energy “information” from the person’s body, this one uses the energy patterns from “external substances” that the therapist places in one of the input cups of the device. This is for providing “targeted support”. Just like when using the body’s energy as input, targeted support can be used to cancel out specific stressors that are causing significant disruption in the body’s energy field. Beneficial substances can also be used to boost vitality in particular organs or systems.

There are a couple other therapy types which are meant to provide supplemental support from either digitally stored naturopathic “substance complexes” or a completely technologically generated therapy called DMI (Dynamic Multi-Impulse therapy).

Therapy sessions typically use a mixture of each of these therapy configurations but the first described, the one where the body’s energy field is used to make the therapeutic signal, is considered the principal, or hallmark, therapy type of the THERA device. It essentially sets up a kind of dynamic feedback loop with the body where the created therapy signals continually illicit additional changes in the body’s energetic field to bring it closer and closer to a more optimal state as the therapy progresses. Besides being highly effective, it is hard to think of a more holistic therapy.

Essentially, the THERA device modifies the body’s own energy by reading and then processing its frequency patterns and/or those of external substances to boost vitality and wellbeing.