Everything is electromagnetic energy (handbook)

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The THERA wellness device works with the energy field of the body (a.k.a., biofield). Cell-to-cell communication within the body takes place using electro-magnetic oscillatory signals (i.e., waveforms). These communications contain all the necessary information for the cells to act in tandem to maintain the health of the organism as a whole. Technically, this is called homeostasis. To achieve homeostasis, all the parts of the organism must be working and be synchronized with each other.

Inevitably in our modern lives however, there seems to be an endless supply of unhealthy influences and when their combined effects add up, they can overwhelm the body’s various adaptive mechanisms (collectively known as the “regulatory system”) and create imbalance or dysfunction. When the body cannot rectify the imbalance, it’s back up plan is to compensate for it. However, there is always a price to pay for such an act but at least the overall organism can go on. When this happens time and time again, you have a chronic condition.

The most common central issue of chronic conditions we see are the effects of toxins that accumulate in the connective tissue, which extends throughout the body to serve all the cells in the body. These toxins are there because the body’s “channels of elimination” have been compromised or even that the body is lacking in alkaline reserves and therefore no longer able to neutralize the acidity of these toxins so they cannot be released back into the circulatory system to ultimately be excreted. When this happens to a large enough extent, even the normal metabolic waste from the cells also builds up, not to mention the effect on the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells which also use the connective tissue for their transportation.

Besides the obvious physical effects of a backed-up sewer system, these accumulations of toxins have a disruptive influence on the electro-magnetic oscillatory signals that make up the body’s regulatory system spoken about previously. When this happens, things can get significantly worse, leading to more imbalances.

Additionally, since these regulatory systems are electro-magnetic in nature, they are also susceptible to being disrupted by our modern electronics, especially Wi-Fi as well as transmissions from cell towers and power utility “smart meters”, cell phone usage, etc. One term for this type of pollution is “e-smog” and it can leave a lasting disruption in the body’s energetic field, which forms one of the more serious but superficial “blocks” to the body’s regulatory systems. Fortunately, the THERA device is very good at removing such stress.

Another common type of disruption to the body’s regulatory system are the effects that scars can have. We call these disruptions scar “interference fields” however they can also develop inside our bodies. This happens whenever a significant amount of strain has built up in the tissues like from pain or inflammation. (Think of the strain that builds up within the earth’s crust which is sometimes released as earthquakes.)

Just like e-smog, the effects of these interference fields and other energetic blocks such as that of the jaw joint, spinal blocks, tooth blocks, detoxification blocks, hormonal regulation blocks, nervous system regulation blocks, metabolic blocks, also represent significant impediments to the body’s regulatory system and can be removed fairly easily by therapy from the THERA device.

In summary, it is the disruptions to the body’s regulatory systems, which are electro-magnetic in nature, that causes their dysfunction and a loss of homeostasis or balance. When this happens, it is like a cascade of imbalances (and their related compensations), which ultimately lead to a person’s chronic condition. The physical and physiological components to illness are mostly due to imbalances in the various aspects of the body’s regulatory system, which exists solely within the biofield of the body.