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Information: Eczema is usually an allergic reaction to contact allergens as well as to an underlying central allergen.

Common causal factors: Nickel, latex, detergents, dish washing liquid, dye, ink, leather.

Program Sequences:        20020 and 20021.

Additional programs:       Meridian programs (depending on the area with the eczema)


Input cup: Use samples of the allergens or vials with their information

Output:  Mat on the back. You can add an additional output applicator (red cable) to the area with the eczema.


Treatment Sessions:       

1st session:    Program sequence 20020

2nd session:  Program sequence 20021

3rd session:   Program sequence 20020

4th session:   Program sequence 20021



Note: In addition, check which meridians go through the area with the eczema and then run the corresponding programs for both the acute and chronic condition with the input applicator on the eczema area. Mat on the back or, in case the problem is on the back, place the mat in the front.