Description of operation – Overview (handbook)

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The following information serves as an overview where more Indepth descriptions of the therapy configurations and program parameter settings will be given in the subsections immediately following this one.

The primary mode in which the THERA device is used (a.k.a. the “closed-loop therapy configuration) is where frequency information is taken from the person’s energy field (i.e., “biofield”) using any of the specialized applicators (applicators act as flat antennas), forwarding the information via cables to the input cable connections of the device where it is processed and then sent back to the subject using additional output applicators (e.g., most often the modulation mat (flat coil)).

Each of the prestored programs uses a unique combination of the various program parameters. Based on the program parameter settings, the “information” picked up from the body’s energy field (or, in the case of the “open-loop therapy configuration”, from a substance placed in the input cup) can be separated into two streams, e.g., harmonious and disharmonious or the entire signal can be passed in its entirety.

Whichever of these signal streams are used, they can then be further filtered through an additional bandpass filter where their frequencies are limited to either a fixed specific, a “sweeping” discrete value or not at all (i.e., no bandpass filter which allows all energy patterns throughout the entire frequency range to be passed). Next, they can be inverted such that they become mirror images of their originals and then finally they are either amplified or attenuated.

The settings of each prestored program represent years of clinical experience and together, their unique combination within each program have a specific effect on a person’s energy field.

Again, hundreds of prestored/ preset programs for channel 1 contain unique groupings of these parameter settings that have been clinically shown to support certain bodily processes via their effect on the body’s energy field (i.e., “biofield”). Additionally, the therapist is able, in the higher THERA software versions, to further modify any of these program parameters to more closely match the energy field imbalance of their client.

User interface is accomplished via a Windows operating system-controlled series of menu screens which are displayed on the unit’s LCD touchscreen. Here the user is guided through these menu screens in order to call up any of the prestored programs by a number of ways (e.g., by keying the program’s unique number or choosing its title from various categories of program types or from an alphabetical list of all such programs). The touchscreen is also used to access the functions of channel 2 and the DMI feature.

In either the Proficient or Premium software versions, one can make modifications to any program parameter by making menu selections of various operating modes or numeric setting changes when prompted by the touchscreen instructions. The selections or numeric settings changes themselves, can be made either via directly on the touchscreen or by the alphanumeric (SMS) keypad entry. It is however possible to change the application runtime in all software versions.

The processing of the information picked up at either the input applicator or the channel 1 input cup takes place within either of following two bandpass filter frequency ranges: from 10 Hz to 250 kHz, the so-called “standard range” – an expanded range of the original 10 to 152 kHz range used by this technology or 1 Hz to 25 Hz, the so-called “low deep (frequency) range” or LDF – a separate range that most specifically includes brain waves. Without the bandpass filter enabled, all the information from 1 Hz to approximately 350 kHz is transmitted simultaneously.

Therapy channel 1: The separation of the body’s own information into harmonious (H) and disharmonious (D) parts is done through a special filter (H-D filter circuit). Either the complete signal pattern (A) or just the disharmonious portion can also be inverted / shifted 180° out of phase (Ai and Di). Each of these streams of information can then be additionally amplified or attenuated and then passed through a sophisticated bandpass filter circuit with the option of multiple operating mode settings where the information at only a certain frequency or a variable frequency which sweeps through the entire frequency range is passed on to the output of the device.

Therapy channel 2: Accompanying/ supporting information from homeopathic and naturopathic remedies (native or digitized substance information) can be transferred at the same time as a program running on channel 1. The therapy mode for channel 2 is fixed at “A” in which the signal remains unchanged (no phase shift) and information/ signal is transmitted over the entire frequency range of the device (no bandpass filter). The application runtime and the amplification, however, can be adjusted.

Therapy DMI: Accompanying/ supporting transfer of Dynamic Micro-magnetic Impulses, which are artificially generated frequency patterns set to the Schumann resonances of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. An additional varying frequency “overlay” provides 3 discretely different therapeutic signals: “Amplify” – exponentially increasing impulses from 1 to 1000 Hz; “Attenuate” – exponentially decreasing impulses from 1000 to 1 Hz; “Alternating” – exponentially increasing impulses followed by exponentially decreasing impulses (i.e., first from 1 to 1000 Hz and then from 1000 to 1 Hz, repeating). The intensity of the DMI signal is also simultaneously increased or decreased along with the frequency changes for maximum effect. The resulting maximum field strength however still lies below those of the Earth’s natural magnetic field.