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Information: Inflammation of the bladder. Can be acute or recurrent.

Common causal factors: E. coli, Proteus.

Program sequences:        20020 and 20021.

Additional programs:       3616.0, 590.7, 591.7, 272.0, 273.0, 3990.7, 3991.7, 3615.0


Input cup:    Use urine sample and/or vials with the bacteria


Output:         Mat on the back or on the bladder area


Treatment Sessions:       

1st session:    Run program sequence 20020 additionally run programs 3616.0, 590.7, 591.7

2nd session:  Run program sequence 20021, additionally run programs 272.0, 273.0

3rd session:   Run program sequence 20020 additionally run programs 3990.7, 3991.7, 3615.0

4th session:   Run program sequence 20021additionally run programs 3616.0, 590.7, 591.7



The neutralization programs do not need any input. The additional and preliminary programs need the square flexible applicator on the bladder area (on the skin)

If the inflammation is acute, use the meridian programs for acute condition (590.7, 3990.7, 242.8) with input on the bladder and then continue with the program sequence 20020. Repeat the therapy every day until the symptom have disappeared.

If the inflammation is recurrent, then it’s needed to balance the flow of energy by running preliminary programs: scar interference programs such as 736.0, 737.0, 739.0 and programs related to the 2nd chakra 142.8, 242.8. Repeat these programs every time before running the neutralization sequence.