The channel 2 function

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General description

Channel 2 is a second therapy channel which is used in addition to the main therapy channel, channel 1. The purpose of the second channel is to apply additional stabilizing frequencies from naturopathic substances such as gem stones, flower essences, organ vials, etc. to accompany the biofield therapy running on channel 1.

The channel 2 input cup (yellow rim) accommodates these forementioned “external substances”.

Used this way, channel 2 can only be used together with a selected biofield therapy from the main channel. Unlike with the main channel, channel 2 uses a fixed “A” therapy mode and also uses no bandpass filter which means the information is let through at all frequencies from 1 Hz to approximately 350 kHz. Only its amplitude and duration application runtime can be set.

Alternately however, channel 2 can also deliver therapy from digitally stored frequency patterns of so-called “substance complexes”, of which there is a library of categorized such substances. Just like with using the channel 2 input cup, therapy from these substance complexes can be ran along with the therapy from the main channel, however it can also be used separately as its own “stand alone” therapy by accessing its library via the “Substance complexes = 6” option of the main menu.

For either way of using channel 2 (either by placing external supportive substances in the channel 2 input cup or via the frequency patterns of selections from the library of stored substance complexes), the output signal is also delivered to the modulation mat, red output socket on the side of the device and the red rimmed output cup along with the therapy signal from the main channel, channel 1.