Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button

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The channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button is used to call up either of the two ways that channel 2 can provide additional support at the same time that a program is running on the main channel. These two options are, namely, to provide therapy from either therapist supplied supportive substances placed in the yellow-rimmed channel 2 input cup or via one of the entries from the digitized library of substance complexes. These options are called up via this button after setting up a program to run on the main channel but before starting it. This button also lights up yellow when activated. Examples of the types of substances that can be used to apply additional stabilizing/ fortifying frequency patterns include emotional flower essences, naturopathic remedies, precious stones, premanufactured imprinted organ vials, etc.

Channel 2 is fixed at therapy type “A” and cannot be changed. When using therapist-supplied supportive substances via the yellow-rimmed channel 2 input cup, both the amplification and time can be adjusted. However, when administering a substance complex only the time can be changed.

The output therapy signal from channel 2, along with the channel 1 signal, is available at the following locations:

  • The modulation mat to the patient
  • The red output socket on the side of the device
  • The red rimmed output cup
  • The memory chip/ patch charger