Channel 1 START button

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The channel 1 START button starts any main channel, channel 1 therapy program which has already been called up and “individualized” if needed. The button lights up white when the channel 1 program is started. The therapy window on the touch screen also includes a notice that the “Application is running…” in green text as well as displaying the “remaining time” which is shown counting down. When the therapy program times out and comes to an end, the light on the button goes out and, at the same time, an audible signal is heard.

Once started, therapy can be interrupted or halted prematurely by pressing the Channel 1 START button again. The light on the button goes out and a new message appears in red text on the therapy screen to indicate that the “Application is stopped”. The program can then be restarted from this screen by pressing the START button once again or if, say a program parameter needs to be changed, the program’s START window or other informational windows can be accessed by pressing the back arrow (⮢) key.