Calling up nutrient point programs by its title

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The screen that appears after selecting “Nutrient programs = 7” from the main menu (see above) contains a search window in the upper left-hand corner where you can type in a few consecutive letters of any word that might be unique to the nutrient point program title you are looking for (e.g., “cal” for calcium). This is done by using the alphanumeric keypad (see Appendix B for information on how to use the SMS keypad to create letters). Press the dot “•” Key when you think you have typed in enough letters and the following list of programs appears which have these letters in their titles:

If there are multiple selections shown, please use the touchscreen function to choose the one you prefer directly or use the up or down arrow keys to first highlight it then press “ENTER”. The next screen that appears is the selected program’s START window:

See the lesson: “Working with individual programs once called up” for instructions on how to proceed from this point, i.e., how to access the recommended applicator placements, change the program runtime and on starting the program. Note, this is also the point at which to set up concurrent therapy from channel 2.