Calling up a program sequence by keying in its number

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From the above shown sub-menu that is called up from option 4 of the main menu, “Program sequences = 4”, please select option 8, “SEQUENCES BY NO. = 8” by using either the touchscreen function directly or pressing the “8” numeric key.

The following additional screen is then displayed:

Here, the program sequence number (in either the 10XXX, 20XXX or 40XXX range) can be keyed in (e.g., PS 23012):

Confirm your entree by pressing “ENTER” to display the “program sequence content window” for your selection:

See the lesson: “Working with program sequences once called up” for instructions on how to proceed from this point, i.e., how to access the recommended applicator placements, change the program runtimes and on starting the program sequence. Note, this is also the point at which to set up concurrent therapy from channel 2.