Application mode & total runtime

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It is sometimes advantageous to include short pauses during the application of a program to allow the body’s regulative systems more time to assimilate the application signals. This is the “interval” application mode, and it inserts a 1 second pause for each 3 seconds of signal application. When operating a program with this feature enabled, the illumination of the channel 1 START key will blink accordingly. When this feature is not set, the application signal will run continuously until the total application runtime is reached. Under this application mode, the channel 1 START key will remain illuminated continuously.

The (total) application runtime of each program is preset to a default value according to experience of previous practitioners for the particular program. This parameter in particular can however be modified in all THERA software versions.

Note: as previously noted in the subsection, “Amplification/ attenuation”, programs that use the amplification variation methods “Stepwise increasing” and “Stepwise decreasing” do not allow their total application runtimes to be adjusted directly. The total runtimes for these programs are instead dependent on both the “Time per step” and “Maximum amplification” settings. These other parameter settings, of course, can be adjusted in the series of parameter changing screens that are accessed (in the Proficient and Premium software versions) via the “Change = 5” button on either the fourth program informational window for the individual programs or for the individual programs within program sequences, the program sequence START screens.