Amplification/ Attenuation II

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THERA either amplifies or attenuates the strength of the application signal in the following ways. Note, this parameter is what defines the strength of the therapy signal. Think of the volume adjustment on a radio.

  • Fixed (constant) amplification/attenuation with setting range starting at 0.025 to 0.95-fold (attenuation) and from 1.00 to 64.0-fold (amplification). I.E., any amplification setting below 1.00 IS attenuation so this with, for instance, an “A” mode therapy program and using/ taking the input information from the body could also be used to calm down an over-energy/ inflammatory condition.
  • Stepwise increasing (increase): a fixed amplification is automatically doubled in set stages (stepping up) with the application time for each stage being adjustable from 1 to 999 seconds until the set maximum amplification is reached. (Note: this is primarily used for sensitivities and toxin elimination or neutralization applications.):

When the therapy mode H+Di is used with this amplification option, both the H and Di components are increased in stages parallel to one another. (the associated diagram for this is not available however there is a similar one shown below for “stepwise decreasing”.)

  • Stepwise decreasing (decrease): same as stepwise increasing except amplification stages are halved with each succeeding stage: