Accessing the channel 2 input cup

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As previously described, the channel 2 input cup can only be used together with the therapy from the main channel, channel 1. Subsequently, the channel 2 set up window for using the channel 2 input cup can only be called up from any of the channel 1 program START windows, either for individual application programs or the program sequences, and for either factory preset programs and the therapist’s own created programs. E.G,, the first program information window for program 725.0, “Reaction block/ stress reduction 1”:

From any such program “START window”, the channel 2 selection menu can be called up by pressing the yellow “Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button” which is located just beneath the touchscreen on the middle-left:

Once this button is pressed, the following window appears:

The choice can be made between using the channel 2 input cup or substance complexes (see the section immediately following this one for information on choosing the substance complex option). To use the channel 2 input cup, the therapist can select the virtual “Input cup channel 2 =1” button directly using the touchscreen function or by pressing the numeric “1” key. The following channel 2 (input cup) set up window is now displayed:

Within this window, both the therapy amplitude and the application runtime can be changed. Use the left or right arrow keys to toggle between the two setting windows. The value in the setting window which is currently highlighted can be changed by using either using the virtual “+” or “-“ buttons on the touchscreen or the up and down arrow keys. Note: the application runtime is automatically set to the same time as for the main channel therapy program that has been just previously set. You can however select a longer or shorter runtime for channel 2 and channel 2 will either continue to operate after the therapy of channel 1 has finished or stop before the therapy on channel 1 finishes.

Once you have set both the amplitude and application runtime, you can now start both the main channel therapy and channel 2 therapy together either by touching the virtual “Press START main channel to start” button on the touchscreen or by pressing the physical white “Channel 1 START button” beneath the touchscreen and on the right:

The typical channel 1 “therapy window” will then appear but with an additional notation at the bottom indicating that the channel 2 input cup has been activated (i.e., “External (substance)”):

Testing out the channel 2 therapy before running it along with the main channel

Alternately, if you first want to energetically test the therapy that would be delivered by the second channel (the contents of the channel 2 input cup and the amplitude setting just set), you can either press the virtual “To test channel 2: press START channel 2” button on the touchscreen or press the physical yellow “Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button” again which. If the channel 2 therapy tests out okay, you can start it along with that of the main channel by pressing the white “Channel 1 START button”.

Once both channels are operating, you will see both the “Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button” and the “Channel 1 START button” illuminated. You can stop the channel 2 function by pressing the “Channel 2 FUNCTION/ START button”. The channel 1 therapy will continue to operate.

If you want to stop the therapy of both channels, just press the “Channel 1 START button”. From here you can use the backspace key (“:”) to return to one of the channel 1 informational windows where you can make changes to any of the channel 1 program’s parameters as discussed in previous sections. If you would like to restart both channels again, just press the “Channel 1 START button” again. This action will however, reset the runtime for both channels to what they were set to previously and therefore doesn’t constitute a pause-resume function.