Selecting programs from an alphabetical list

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Please select “Program search = 3” from the main menu and then “Alphabetical = 2” option from the following window that appears:

The following screen is displayed after selecting “Alphabetical = 2”:

This screen contains a search window in the upper left-hand corner where you can type in consecutive letters of any word that might be in the title of the program you are looking for (e.g., “liv” for liver). To do this, use the letters associated with each alphanumeric key (as you would have done with using an old style “flip-phone” without text keys).

Press the dot (“.”) (instead of “ENTER”) key when you have enough letters typed in. This takes you to the following screen that shows you all the programs in that category which contain the same sequential combination of letters you just typed in:

From here, just like when selecting programs from within a specific category of programs, there are again the following options for how to proceed:

  • Choose directly the program you already know you would like to use
  • Choose multiple programs which you would like to test or run
  • Select programs from the list by energetic testing

Please see the preceding three sections just prior to this one for descriptions of each of these options as they applied to selecting programs from program categories. The procedure is the same in either case.