Program sequences

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Program sequences (PS’s) are grouped individual programs (either factory prestored or those that were created by the therapist) that are “linked together” so that they can be called up and applied as a single unit where the individual programs within the sequence are run back-to-back automatically. The numbers for the factory prestored program sequences are either in the 10XXX or 20XXX range and those of the therapist’s own stored program sequences are assigned program numbers in the 40XXX.0 range. Unlike the program numbers for single or individual programs, program sequence numbers do not include a decimal point and a tenth’s digit (e.g., 23012 not 23012.0).

Please select “Program sequences = 4” from the main menu. The following submenu of all the possible categories of program sequences is then displayed on the touchscreen:

From here, there are two ways to select a program sequence:

  • Selecting program sequences from categories
  • Call up program sequences by keying in its PS number

Please see the following topics/ subsections for additional information regarding program sequences: