Operating conditions

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The following operating conditions concern the THERA™ device and its associated AC adapter/ charger.

Thera should only be used within the following ambient conditions:

Storage and transporting-10°C to +70°C (14°F to 158°F)
Working Conditions10°C to +40°C (50°F to 104°F)
Relative Humidity0-85%
Air Pressure700 to 1060 hPa


Do not set up and use in humid areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, etc. Protect the device from rain and snow.

Never place containers holding liquid on the device or right next to it and protect the device from moisture at all times.

Wait between about 1 and 2 hours before turning the device on when moving it from a cold into a warm area due to the formation of condensation. The device can, however, be charged during this time.

Do not spill any liquids onto the device. A damp (not wet) cloth is sufficient to clean the case.

A disinfectant spray may be used to clean the front plate. Do not spray into the sockets on the front and side panels.

The therapeutic action of the THERA™ may be adversely affected if operated in close proximity to a powerful transmitting or power cables. If necessary, use building geobiology mitigation techniques to screen the device.

The device should be set up at least 3 feet away from heavy metal objects, radiators, powerful lamps, power cables and fluorescent lamps.

The air circulation required for cooling should not be obstructed.

The AC adapter / charger must not be covered and should not be screened from the air circulation.

Clean the AC adapter / charging device with only a moist (not wet) cloth. Please make sure the charger is not connected to the mains when doing so.

Do not throw or jolt the device when transporting it on account of the battery and electronics.

Use the original packaging with the padded lining when shipping the device.

Mechanical influences

Never place heavy objects on the THERA™ device.

Never insert objects into the device.

Do not place any magnets or the depth probe on the device.

Do not use pointed and/ or hard objects when using the touchscreen.

General basic rules for using the THERA™ device

The THERA™ device should not be used by untrained staff or those who are unfamiliar with the device.

Study the operating instructions and keep them handy to refer to.

In the event of a fault, do not open the device and instead call Galaxy Health Technology’s customer service at 1 (240) 442-1919.

Combining with other devices

Do not connect any external devices to the THERA™ device other than those specifically provided for by the device manufacturer.

Always use only the accessories specifically provided for by Galaxy Health Technology, LLC (applicators, modulation mat, cables, battery, etc.). Only use the power supply provided by Galaxy Health Technology, LLC to charge and operate the device.