I. Basic training materials course

I. Basic Training Materials Course - Thera device
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(Last Updated On: March 29, 2023)

This course is meant to provide a beginning/ basic level of understanding on what biofield therapy is and how to apply it.

Much of the content of this course is covered in the Operations Manual that came with your device, however here and especially in the additional courses for the second-generation software we will go deeper into its use rather than just how to navigate through the screens. 

Please note that in this course, as well as the additional ones, we discuss the functions of the highest software version. Although we try to call out which features and functions are only available in higher software versions, please refer to the Operations Manual that came with your device for confirmation of which of the described features apply to your version.

Please follow the lessons listed below in the order shown. In fact, you will not be able to “open” another section / subsection without finishing the previous (you actually have to mark each “finished” by clicking on that button at the bottom of the section / subsection before moving on).

Some lessons and topics have short quizzes at their ends to help you “solidify” your understanding of the materials of those sections as well as allow us to track your progress in order to better support you. There will be a final quiz which when passed will enable you to download a certificate for this course.