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Spring allergies

Spring is a period of suffering for many people, children and adults alike. We are talking about springtime allergic symptoms caused by the pollen of trees and bushes mostly but also grasses in more southern latitudes. This problem affects up to 25% of the population!

What is an allergy?

Allergy is the result of an immune system that is confused or more technically put, unable to regulate itself properly. It is so mixed up that it sees something as benign as, in this case pollen, as unfriendly and will “attack” it. The symptoms we feel are the collateral damage of that attack and to make things worse, the immune system never learns from its mistake. Instead it becomes more hyper vigilant and keeps ramping up its overreaction with each subsequent contact of that same allergen. It might also increase the number of allergens it sees. What originally puts the immune system in such a dysfunctional state is mystifying to some because there are such a large number of contributing factors.

What are the symptoms?

People with allergies may have the following symptoms: runny nose or nasal congestion, sneezing, shortness of breath, swollen eyes, headache, bad mood, sleep disorders, fatigue and/or lethargy. There are also many chronic conditions that allergies can be responsible for such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), chronic sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic cough, spastic bronchitis, asthma, spastic colitis and many more.

Is there a permanent solution to the problem of allergies?

Few people know that there is a method that helps eliminate the allergic reactions which are what cause allergic symptoms. It’s a biophysical method, which was first introduced in Germany in 1977, where it has been recognized as a proven method for both identifying and addressing allergies.

How is the biophysical method applied in addressing allergies?

In order to address allergies, a principle of physics is applied which states that if there are two oscillations of the same form but in

opposite phase at the same time, they will then cancel each other out. This applies to both physical as well as electro-magnetic wave forms. According to the principles of biophysics, each different type of matter has its own vibration. Sort of like a finger print. Thus, every substance, e.g. pine pollen or milk protein, has its own vibration which translates into an electromagnetic oscillation. These unique vibrational patterns are picked up from a sample of such an allergen and processed by a device and then sent to the body of the allergic client. The output of the device is the electromagnetic oscillation of the allergenic substance in its inverted form. Within the person’s body, it is thought that the allergy “ingram” which is a electromagnetic memory of the allergen that the immune system uses to identify harmful substances is consequently erased similar to “wiping the data” off of a hard drive disk. As the result of this process, a considerable change takes place in the immune system. The predefined immune response to the substance is thus canceled.

Additionally, this method allows for the safe, non-provocation testing of potential allergens so as to identify the body’s reaction to them.

The application of this method also has no side effects, is completely non-invasive and for the most part nothing is felt by the client.

Can allergic symptoms be completely eliminated?

If the recommendations given are followed correctly, it is very likely that the allergic symptoms will significantly diminish or even disappear all together. The results of clinical studies conducted on allergic individuals reveal the success rate of this method exceeds 90%, where on average 82% of the participants were completely freed from their allergies, and 11% were relieved.

It is clear that the success rate depends in part on whether there are other aggravating factors (such as toxic substances, preservatives, environmental pollution, etc.). This seems to be substantiated by the method being additionally effective in children whose bodies have not yet been burdened from many such additional stress factors. It should be noted however that many of these additional “loads” can also be addressed just as effectively with the same procedure.

What are the results of the biophysical therapy?

For many allergic patients it is a surprise that they start feeling better even during the therapy application. Many report their nose opening up and their breathing getting easier. Others enthusiastically report taking, what would have been an unthinkable walk to a place with poplars or sycamores without any of their typical symptoms. The slightly skeptical describe how they could hold dandelion to their nose without even a sneeze. There are so many stories, each one as special as the life of each allergic person no longer, who can once again enjoy the spring, taste and smell.

The biophysical therapy offers a very personalized approach to the person’s unique condition, taking into account the deeper causes of their ailments. The number of sessions needed will vary depending on the needs of the individual. On average, 4-8 applications are needed to eliminate most allergies.

The method is painless and, most importantly, harmless and has been used for 40 years in Europe without side effects.

It can be applied to all ages, from newborns to the elderly, but it is with the reaction from animals that one gets a confirming sense of the its significance.

Due to its versatility across the wide range of physical dysfunctions, it can become the prominent modality of any holistic based health care practice or be used more selectively and combined with the methods of “classical” medicine as well as with many “alternative” disciplines, such as chiropractic, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology.

Regarding its other uses, in some cases it acts as an aid to provide some improvement or management of serious conditions, in others it brings more permanent healing. Amazing results are often achieved where other methods or medicines have had no success or brought only minimal relief.