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Information & Training courses on bioenergetic methods for wellness care providers.

Welcome to the Biofield Therapy Training website, dedicated to the bioenergetic approach to wellness care as well as other supportive natural remedies and technologies.

Together we believe these methods constitute the most effective and efficient holistic "toolbox" you can have!

We offer information and training courses for health professionals who want to implement such a revolutionary approach to their existing practices.

The technology and services discussed here can augment any existing holistic minded practice or be used as the central healing modalities in any startups.


Discover Biofield Therapy and Achieve Outstanding Results

Seek a superior level of health with Biofield Therapy

Wellness is the state of being in good health physically, emotionally and mentally. Here, at Biofield Therapy Training we focus on promoting the methods that we have found to be the most effective and efficient at helping our own clients.

The bioenergetic approach with Biofield Therapy

Reinforcing and balancing the body’s energetic field through the bioenergetic approach, although very subtle, can bring about significant changes. It is all about "striking the right tone" which the body is already looking for. When this is done in a prioritized sequential manner, it doesn't take long to start to see considerable results.

Body & mind balance with Biofield Therapy

The mind can be calmed, mood improved and cognitive ability increased. The body can be de-stressed, so it can begin to self-regulate again and address new challenges on its own. Thus, the whole person is transformed to a state of overall good health which is, in a word - wellness.

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How Biofield Therapy Training can work for you:

We have put together short sequential training courses that build on each other to cover the basics and then get right into how to address specific common imbalances.

This allows budding biofield practitioners to work at their own pace or as needed, go through the materials as quickly as possible for those who are eager to put their new skills to work on their existing clients.